While investing money in any form of financial instrument, we usually check how much return it generates over the investment tenure period. However, when we invest our money, we may use different installment amounts for different periods.

Hence, we cannot apply the rate of return we considered while investing, or get the same returns as we studied before.

Then what rate should we consider?

So, what is the rate of return that gives an accurate understanding of the returns before we invest our money?

This article details the types of interest rates, how an extended internal rate of return (XIRR)…

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Don’t worry; the process is extremely simple and won’t take more than few minutes.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Once you land on our website homepage, click on the login


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Introducing Wint Bricks May21: Wint Bricks- An asset that has collateral as Business loans backed by Property, here the NBFC keeps the asset, i.e., the property, as collateral. The property remains as security with the lender(NBFC) until the loan is fully repaid.

Like all the other assets that we brought, Wint Bricks has a Covered Bond as an instrument, with a cover pool of business loans backed by property.
Covered Bonds are bonds that provide dual recourse over the investment, so even if the NBFC goes bankrupt, you will still be able to recover your money. This is unlike regular Secured…

In the previous articles on “Which NBFCs do we choose to work with?” we spoke about how Low Leverage, External Institutional Investors’ presence, and exhaustive due diligence are essential in choosing an NBFC.

In addition to the above, the liability profile of NBFCs, i.e., the presence of existing lenders, is also a necessary check for us.

Lenders are people/companies/institutions that give funds to the NBFC.

Now there are three key components when we look at the Liability Profile.

1. Number of Existing Lenders:

Here, we look at the number of lenders that an NBFC already has. Many lenders would mean…

With good returns comes a little risk. Anything that offers you better returns than FD comes with some risks involved. The best an investor can do is choose the one where the mitigation of risk is the highest.

Our products like Wint Wheels Mar-21 provide good returns(10.25% p.a.) and help diversify your portfolio. But there are certain risks involved, foremost being “Fraud Risk.”

In the live deal, Wint Wheels Mar-21, the underlying collateral is Vehicle Loans, and the most common question that we get is what if the vehicles do not exist in the underlying pool. This will eventually lead…

Today, we will explain the process of Investing in Wint Wealth’s Products.

First things first, if you don’t already have a Demat account. We would recommend you open a Demat account.

1.To invest in Wint Wealth’s Assets, we first ask for the Demat Details.

Why are the details for the Demat account required?

The products that we bring on Wint Wealth are listed securities that would be visible as your holdings.

You can invest through your existing Demat account(any broker). All you need to do is submit your Demat ID and Bank Account details linked to the Demat account.

Quick Announcement:

GrowFix is now Wint Wealth!

Why did we change our name?

GrowFix (now Wint Wealth) is a platform to invest in high-yield asset-backed products. The “fix’’ part of the name gave investors a lead that GrowFix guarantees the returns. Being a platform, we can’t provide such a guarantee, and we are also pretty vocal about it.

However, it still was open to misinterpretation and we didn’t want our investors to think that way, so we decided to change it. (Read more about why did we change the name here)

Now coming back to the topic, in Part 1…

Financial Engineering and innovation in managing risk is at the heart of the assets that we bring to our retail investors. However, I am pleasantly surprised by the beautiful risk management our Assets team brings.

The next asset( Wint Wheels March asset) is a ₹ 20 Cr asset. It is a pool of vehicle loans, and the market value/ selling value of the underlying vehicles is ₹ 32 Cr. ( 1.6 Times of ₹ 20 Cr). So if all vehicles need to be sold, the value realised will be ~ ₹ 32 Cr. Even if there are some costs involved…

When we decided to launch GrowFix Wheels, we thought let’s talk to some retail investors before and understand how they perceive vehicle loans and then explain GrowFix wheels.

To be honest, the perception about vehicle loans isn’t that good compared to gold loans business. We thought let’s compare GrowFix Gold and GrowFix wheels, and explain how investing in GrowFix Wheels is as safe as investing in GrowFix Gold.

Here are the primary differences between the underlying loans:

As we are talking to more and more users, a common question that comes across is how do you guys choose the NBFCs? As these are not branded NBFCs like Bajaj, Mahindra, etc. The question is valid.

So How do we choose the NBFCs to work with?

How do we choose the NBFCs to work with?

Well, we call it magic sauce, but we are not KFC/ Coca-cola to hold onto the secret formula. Instead, we want our users to know what we do, how we do and why we do it when we do something.

Therefore, we decided to write a series of posts on how do we…

Wint Wealth (Previously GrowFix)

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